Lifting Devices

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Move the heaviest equipment and the most burdensome loads with complete ease with JBS Cranes’ ergonomically designed, high-performance lifting devices. From below the hook lifting devices that ensure you stable and controllable movement of materials to hydraulic tongs and vacuum lifters, we offer you a comprehensive range of lifting devices that will make it easier for you to grab, lift, and transport material and machinery in a safe and efficient manner.

Our Comprehensive Range of ASME-Compliant, Ergonomic Lifting Devices

JBS Cranes specializes in the supply and installation of quality engineered and fabricated material handling solutions that are suitable for a wide range of industries. We offer you superior-quality, high-performance below the hook lifting devices that have been designed in compliance with ASME BTH-1 standards. In addition to below the hook lifting equipment, JBS Cranes also offers above the hook and custom-built lifting equipment to clients that have unique lifting needs. Regardless of the lifting device you need for a specific application, our experts ensure you seamless installation and optimum utilization of the lifting equipment by providing you extended technical support. In addition to this, we also have a fleet management program to help clients identify, track, and engineer-out chronic problems association with their production equipment. At JBS Cranes, we supply the following types of lifting devices:


Mechanical Lifting Devices

  • Annealing cover lifters
  • C-hooks
  • Coil grabs
  • Coil lifters
  • Crane wheel device
  • Electrode lifters
  • Grapples/clam buckets
  • Hook blocks
  • J-hooks
  • Lifting beams
  • Mold rigs
  • Pallet lifters
  • Roll lifters
  • Scrap buckets
  • Segment lifters
  • Sheet/plate lifters
  • Slab lifters
  • Storage stands
  • Tundish rigs

Mechanical, Electromechanical, Hydraulic, and Pneumatic Lifting Devices

  • Battery backup systems
  • Coil tongs
  • Combination power supplies and magnet controllers
  • Hydraulic buckets
  • Hydraulic tongs
  • Ingot lifters
  • Lifting beams
  • Magnet controllers
  • Rectifiers/power supplies
  • Scrap handling magnets
  • Sheet lifters
  • Slab tongs
  • Steel service center magnets
  • Vacuum lifters

Economical and Safe Lifting with Below the Hook and Custom Lifting Devices

Below the hook lifting devices are perhaps the most commonly used lifting equipment today. Also known as grabs, these devices are attached to the regular hook of the hoist or crane and serve their function without the need of any other connection to power or control. Over the years, improvements have been made to the design of below the hook lifting devicesand today, these can be classified into the following three categories based on their construction:

At JBS Cranes, we specialize in the supply and installation of all types of below the hook lifting devices. For customers who have specific needs and requirements, our experts can also provide custom-built solution. We take a look at your lifting application and the kind of material you want to handle and design a custom lifting device that truly serves your requirements. To learn more about below the hook and custom lifting devices, please call us at (724) 941 1433.