Repairs and Rebuilding

After years of use and wear and tear, your lifting equipment may begin to deteriorate, influencing not only the productivity and efficiency of your lifting operations, but also the safety of your workers. In such a situation, investing in a new machine becomes indispensable. However, if buying new equipment is prohibitively expensive for you, you may consider trusting JBS Cranes for the rebuild and overhaul of your exiting crane.

Crane Recertification, Rebuild, and Repair Services

At JBS Cranes, we provide a comprehensive range of services to help our customer preserve the efficiency and performance of their lifting equipment while ensuring the safety and wellbeing of their employees. From preventative maintenance and emergency crane repairs to crane recertification and rebuilding, we provide you a one-stop-solution for all your repair and maintenance needs.

At JBS Cranes, we provide you a quick and easy way to add new features and current technologies to your existing lifting equipment in an inexpensive manner. Whether you want to add LED lighting and radio  controls to keep up with your production demands or want us to analyze the economic service life of the critical components and replace them before they result in a complete equipment failure, with our crane recertification, rebuilding, and repair services we can completely transform your existing equipment and improve its efficiency, safety, and load control.

Rebuild Critical Components at a Fraction of the Cost

Often times, a lifting equipment may breakdown due to failure of a critical component, resulting in a costly downtime. Due to time or cost constraints, it may not be possible for a company to invest in a brand new part. For such companies, JBS Cranes provides rebuilding services, helping them rebuild the critical component at a fraction of the cost of buying a new one.

Manufactured using high-quality materials, the rebuilt components offered by JBS Cranes provide superior performance for an extended period of time. P&H, Caldwell, Thern, Morris, and Kranco, we provide rebuilt components for all makes and models of lifting equipment.

Our Comprehensive Range of Crane, Winch, and Hoist Repair Service

At JBS Cranes, we provide a wide range of hoist, crane, and winch repair services, taking care of everything from routine preventative maintenance to emergency repair services. With our crane repair services, we can take care of the following aspects of the crane and maintenance:

  • Repair, rebuild, and re-certify any brand of lifting equipment
  • Provide complete fleet management programs, as well as individual repairs
  • Identify, track, and engineer-out any chronic equipment problems
  • Engineer and procure replacement parts for any brand of lifting equipment

To learn more about our crane repair services or to schedule a consultation with our expert engineers, you may call us at (724) 941-1433.