Fall Arrest

Each year over 100,000 individuals suffer injuries due to work-related falls, and often times, these injuries prove to be fatal. With falls being a major cause of injury and deaths in the workplace, it is important that businesses invest in fall arrest equipment not only to ensure the safety and wellbeing of their employees, but also to save the costs spent on insurance premiums, compensation claims, and other expenses.

To help you fulfill the safety needs of your employees, JBS Cranes superior-quality, innovative fall protection systems that have been designed and built to provide a safe and secure environment to employees who work at height. The fall arrest systems designed by our experts are not only very durable, but also capable of providing utmost safety in the harshest of working conditions.

Our Comprehensive Range of Fall Arrest Equipment

JBS Cranes provides a reliable and cost-effective way to reduce work-related injuries with its comprehensive range of fall arrest equipment. Engineered for easy movement, optimum comfort, and maximum security, the fall arrest track systems and safety cabling provided by JBS Cranes have been designed to ensure maximum productivity by keeping the workers mobile and protected.

Whether you’re looking for a fall protection system for an outdoor application or you want a ceiling-mounted fall arrest equipment that can provide protection against falls without occupying the floor space, at JBS Cranes, we have a wide range of fall protection systems available to meet your precise needs and specifications.


Fall Arrest Track System

Allowing a high degree of mobility, a fall arrest track system not only provides a reliable and cost-effective way of minimizing fall-related injuries, but is also available in a variety of configurations to fit every budget and application.


  • Single Rail Fall Arrest Track System – Available in two different configurations, free standing and ceiling mounted, single rail fall arrest systems are equally suitable for indoor and outdoor applications. While free standing systems are preferred for workplaces where space is not a major constraint, ceiling-mounted fall arrest systems are ideal where floor space is at a premium because of their compact construction.
  • Double Rail Fall Arrest Track System – This type of fall arrest track system provides strength and mobility along a single axis. The dual track of this fall protection system allows one worker to pass by another without disconnecting the anchor.
  • Bridge Crane Fall Arrest Track System – Just like single rail fall protection systems, bridge crane fall arrest track systems are also available in two configurations, ceiling-mounted and free standing. This lightweight, high-strength aluminum fall protection system can be provided with multiple bridges to offer protection to more than one worker.

Cable Fall Protection Systems

Constructed using high-quality materials, the cable fall protection systems offered by JBS Cranes give comprehensive coverage from fall hazards, both indoors and outdoors. Engineered to be user-friendly and ergonomic, these cabling systems are provided with in-line shock absorbers, sliders, and intermediate supports that allow the worker to travel along the cable without the need to detach the anchor.

JBS Cranes’ Fall Protection Systems – Designed to Keep Your Workers Safe

At JBS Cranes, we provide OSHA-compliant fall protection solutions, helping businesses establish a safe and productive workplace for their employees. Whether you are looking for cost-effective fall arrest solutions or want our experts to design a bespoke fall arrest system for your workplace, we have the knowledge and experience to provide you a reliable and durable fall protection system for your precise needs.

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