Engineering & Design

At JBS Cranes, we understand that every business has unique lifting needs and an off-the-shelf lifting solution may not be able to address them effectively. Therefore, with our engineering and design service, we provide businesses with technically-sound, cost-effective, and safe lifting solutions that have been developed according to their needs and specifications.

Our Diverse Portfolio of Specialized Engineering and Design Services

Our team of engineers and technicians holds in-depth experience and expertise of providing clients with a wide range of custom lifting devices, including cranes and lifting equipment, material handling systems, and other specialized solutions. With a focus on ensuring complete client satisfaction, we make sure that the custom lifting solutions designed and engineered by our experts are easy to install  and are highly efficient.

At JBS Cranes, we have the engineering capability to offer the following solutions and services to our clients:

Capacity Analysis and Upgrade

Our engineers can help clients determine their existing lifting capacity and recommend them solutions to fulfill their lifting needs by modernizing the existing equipment. In order to determine lifting capability of equipment, our engineers use industry-recognized specifications to provide the client with an accurate estimate, as well as to ensure their full compliance to all applicable regulations.

Retrofit Engineering

Any lifting equipment may become obsolete after a decade or so due to advancements in power electronics and control and automation systems. Since investing in a new lifting device is not a feasible solution for many businesses, retrofitting, reverse engineering or modernizations can prove to be a cost-effective solution for extending the equipment’s life and enhancing its reliability and safety.

Modernizations and Re-Engineering

Our crane modernization and re-engineering services allow businesses to achieve improved productivity and efficiency with their existing lifting equipment. Depending on the precise needs of a client, the scope of modernization and re-engineering may include dimensional changes, mechanical system upgrades, or modifications to the electrical and control systems of the equipment. Any and all modernizations can be done to the most up to date below the hook lifting code changes.

Why Choose Our Engineering and Design Services?

JBS Cranes is a unique turnkey design and engineering services provider to a wide range of industries using a variety of lifting equipment. Our design and engineering services cover all disciplines, including structural and mechanical systems, automation and control systems, and electronic drive and conductor bars and rails.

One of the primary reasons our clients choose to work with our engineers is our ability to deliver all projects on time and on budget regardless of its complexity and scope. Our meticulous project planning and efficient execution help businesses minimize the downtime associated with the process and equip their existing lifting equipment with advanced capabilities with minimal investment.

To learn more about how JBS Cranes can help you increase the efficiency, safety, and reliability of your lifting equipment, please call us at (724) 941 1433.