For over 50 years, JBS Cranes has been successfully serving the lifting needs of a wide range of industries around the world. Sourcing high-quality winches and car pullers from the best manufacturers in the world, we promise you utmost reliability, safety, efficiency, and excellent customer support.

From pulling loads for drilling rigs to railroad cars, our wide range of industrial winches offers you unparalleled choice for all kinds of industrial applications. For businesses with specific needs, our experts offer a tailor made solution in the form of custom winches that have been designed, manufactured, and installed to fulfill your precise needs.


Our Range of High-Capacity Industrial Winches

JBS Cranes is recognized as an innovator when it comes to providing the best-in-class lifting solutions to industries. We help you overcome all kinds of lifting, lowering, pulling, and positioning challenges with our extensive collection of lifting winches manufactured by the most reputable companies.

At JBS Cranes, we offer the following types of industrial winches:

  • Electric Winches —Designed to offer high efficiency and extended pull, electrical winches are perfect for various industrial applications. Because of their innovative design and unique operation, electrical winches are particularly suitable for pulling and lifting jobs where fixed installations are impractical. The electric winches offered by JBS Cranes ensure you maximum workforce safety with their automatic braking system that provides robust load control for lowering and lifting.
  • Hydraulic Winches —With their powerful hydraulic motors, hardened steel construction, and efficient control systems, hydraulic winches are considered to be one of the most powerful lifting equipment available for industrial application.
  • Air Winches —Our product line comprises of some the most efficient and reliable air winches manufactured by companies with deep expertise in the design and manufacturing of lifting solutions. Suitable for heavy-duty lifting applications because of their enormous lifting and pulling power, air winches offer you exceptional load spotting ability and are suitable for all types of industrial conditions. Air winches are one of the most cost-effective lifting equipment because of their low maintenance and service needs.
  • Chain Winches —The unique high-strength, steel construction of these winches result in decreased weight and better impact resistance, making them suitable for the toughest lifting applications. Offering exceptional strength and durability, chain winches are suitable for limited headroom applications because of their compact design.

Custom Lifting Winches for Your Business

At JBS Cranes, we understand that every lifting job is different; therefore, we allow you the opportunity to install a custom winch in your facility that has been designed to meet your specific needs. Whether you want us to install a lifting winch with automatic brake options, a pendant control or radio control, we will work with you to design and install a custom winch that’s exactly according to your requirements.

JBS Cranes — Making Material Handling Safe and Efficient

At JBS Cranes, we make strenuous lifting tasks easy and efficient with our unique range of industrial winches that have been designed to offer superior performance to businesses. For companies that want a custom-built solution for their lifting application, we also offer custom winches that boast a host of accessories and features.

To get a lifting winch for your business or to view our complete range of industrial winches, you may call us at (724) 941-1433.