Why Choose JBS Crane Accessories?

Whether you are engaged in manufacturing, logistics, transportation, or warehousing, JBS crane accessories should be part of your equipment and materials lists. For over 60 years, JBS Cranes has been offering a wide range of cranes, hoists, and crane accessories to different clients across a variety of industries. From supplying hoists and winches, cranes, and lifters, JBS is also a provider of different services, including inspection, certification, and maintenance.

Why is it a smart decision to partner with JBS cranes for crane accessories? Here are three of the top reasons to consider JBS as a business’s supplier of choice.

1. Quality control. JBS Cranes’ products go through a stringent quality control process. This ensures that each piece of equipment is compliant with OSHA requirements. Combined with extensive training on the use of crane accessories, their reputation for quality, durability, and precision has made JBS an industry leader. This can be seen in the number of businesses that have sought out JBS Cranes for their lifting and hauling needs.

2. Compatibility with existing equipment. Because JBS Cranes has worked with both off-the-shelf and custom-built cranes, it is capable of producing crane accessories that are compatible with all sorts of equipment. JBS’ engineers are able to meet all kinds of design specifications that combine functionality, efficiency, and safety. The crane accessories that JBS offers can be used on any kind of equipment. In fact, JBS Cranes is able to perform repair and maintenance on many different brands.

3. Customer service. Excellent equipment should be paired with excellent customer service, and JBS Cranes’ after-sales service and technical support has helped clients get the most out of their crane accessories. JBS Cranes also provides preventive periodic maintenance services to ensure that equipment is safe to use and delivers the highest possible level of performance.

4. Global experience.

With a wealth of experience gathered from working with international clients, JBS Cranes is well-positioned to help any business succeed anywhere in the world. Their cranes and crane accessories are engineered to comply not just with OSHA regulations, but also local requirements for the countries where they are used. This ensures that wherever JBS Cranes installs or builds a crane, the client is assured of the same level of performance, efficiency, and safety.

JBS Cranes has been offering cranes and crane accessories of the highest quality for the past six decades. To know more about our product line, contact us at (724) 941-1433.