Control & Automation Systems

In today’s fast-paced industrial environment, compact workstations, user-friendly equipment, and efficient control systems are indispensable to ensure maximum plant safety and process efficiency. JBS Cranes helps you meet these challenges with our high-performance and economical automated control systems that make it possible for you to make optimum use of a variety of lifting equipment, such as cranes, hoists, and winches, without compromising the safety and wellbeing of your workforce.

Our Range of Powerful, Accurate, and Responsive Crane Control Systems

At JBS Cranes, we leverage on our experience and expertise of providing lifting solutions to a wide range of industries to design and install automated control systems that provide safe and accurate control of critical equipment during lifting operations. Our comprehensive automated hoist systems and crane control systems support high-volume throughput, while assuring complete safety of your workforce and an accurate and efficient lifting operation.

We provide electrical controls for all types of equipment, including new or rebuilt AC, DC, VFD, and Flux vector controls. In addition to this, we also provide full automated control systems from cranes, hoists, and winches, making it easier for the operator to efficiently control the equipment and optimize turnover.

Why Choose Our Automated Control Systems?

The hoists and crane control systems designed by our engineers not only improve your workplace productivity, but also reduce material and equipment damage by making it possible for the equipment to operate in a more efficient, precise, and accurate manner.

By investing in an automated hoist system, you can bring the following advantages to your work environment:

  • Faster and more reliable operation of both manned and unmanned cranes
  • Faster operator response increases throughput
  • Operational diagnostics speeds up fault tracing
  • Smooth acceleration decreases torque peaks and adds to the life of the lifting equipment
  • More efficient automated hoist systems permit higher speeds, increasing productivity of the lifting operation
  • Improved connectivity facilitates exchange of data which in turn increases productivity
  • Reduced material and machinery damage costs

Improve Efficiency and Precision with Our Automated Control Systems

Whether you want us to upgrade the crane control system of your overhead crane or improve the ergonomics and load control of your lifting process with a fully automated hoist system, our engineers should be able to provide you with a well-rounded, high-performance solution that will meet your efficiency, safety, and reliability requirements.

To learn more about our automated control systems, you may call us at (724) 941-1433.