Radio & Wireless Control

A crane is controlled using either a pushbutton station, overhead on-board crane cab or radio control. The pushbutton or cab methods are most the most traditional ways of operating and controlling cranes but may become highly inefficient, inconvenient, and unsafe in certain circumstances. At J.B.S. Cranes, we provide you a solution to this problem with our crane radio control systems that allow you to operate the machine from a distance, making the process of controlling a crane more efficient, flexible, and safer and can eliminate the need for an onboard operator.

Wireless Crane Controls — Efficiency at the Press of a Button

J.B.S. Cranes is changing the way both new and retrofitted cranes are operated with its crane radio control systems that make the operating process simpler, safer, and more reliable. By installing a radio control, we offer your crane operator the flexibility to control the machine from the facility floor with the freedom to move around the obstacles and get a better view of the operating field.

Crane Radio Control Solutions Provided By Us

At J.B.S. Cranes, we not only install superior-quality wireless crane controls, but also perform the modifications required to make sure you have complete control over the machine. We have a team of engineers who have an extensive experience in engineering and installing crane radio controls to different types of cranes and equipment. At J.B.S. Cranes, we specialize in the supply and installation of a wide range of wireless crane controls, including:

  • Cervis
  • Cattron
  • Electromotive
  • Magnetek
  • Control Chief
  • Telemotive
  • Enrage
  • Intercontinental Technologies

Why Choose Our Crane Radio Control Solutions?

At J.B.S. Cranes, our aim is to help our clients establish a working environment that’s productive and safe, and we achieve our objective by providing high-quality, technologically advanced crane accessories that not only make industrial processes more efficient, but also ensure the safety of a workforce.

We only install high-quality crane radio control systems manufactured by the most reputable companies. The wireless crane controls provided by us offer you the following advantages:

  • Safe and Reliable — With their reliable data transmission and advanced features, the crane radio controls offered by us ensure you a safe and reliable operation.
  • Simple and Convenient — Our wireless crane controls are lightweight and have an ergonomic design for improved comfort and convenience of the operator.
  • Strong and Robust— The wireless control devices offered by us have been designed to withstand temperature and impact, and therefore, they are extremely durable.


Take the ergonomics of controlling cranes to another level with our wireless crane controls. To learn more or to install a crane radio control system today, call us at (724) 941-1433.