Material handling needs to differ from application to application. Therefore, at JBS Cranes, we offer several different types of industrial hoists with a range of accessories that can be matched to your specific lifting needs. Continuing to make advancements in technology, design, and installation processes, we provide you with superior-quality lifting hoists that are manufactured by the most reputable names in the industry.

High-Performance Lifting with Best-Quality Industrial Hoists

Recognized as the principal resource for high-performance lifting hoists and winches, JBS Cranes provides you the best lifting equipment manufactured by quality-conscious and conscientious manufacturers who hold extensive experience and deep expertise in the design and manufacturing of industrial hoists.

Whatever the application or environment may be, our wide selection of lifting equipment features lifting hoists that have been designed and built to match almost any industrial lifting application. For clients who are looking for an innovative alternative to traditional hoists, we also offer application-specific fully customized solutions equipped with a range of accessories to meet the precise speed, efficiency, and spotting requirements of your industry.


Our Wide Selection of Lifting Hoists

JBS Cranes offers you the most versatile range of industrial hoists that are capable of delivering high performance with utmost safety and reliability in all kinds of industry environments, whether hot, dirty, wet, or explosive.

Our selection of lifting equipment comprises of the following types of hoists:

  • Electric Hoists —Offering the highest level of efficiency and reliability, chain hoists are suitable for a variety of lifting, lowering, tensioning, and pulling applications. The high-performance motors, reliable control systems, and low maintenance needs of electric hoists make them the lifting equipment of choice for a variety of industries.
  • Chain Hoists —Designed for portability and durability, our chain hoists are a economical and practical choice for trouble-free, efficient, and safe lifting operation. These hoists have a long-lasting metal construction that offers the best value to the client and saves them money because of low maintenance and service requirements. Chain hoists are available as electric or hand geared.
  • Air Hoists— Proven in practice, our air hoists excel in environments where safety is paramount. Unlike electric hoists, air hoists do not spark, and therefore, are the most suitable choice in hazardous areas. Available with versatile control systems, fail-proof design, and safe and efficient operation features, air hoists are considered one of the premium-quality industrial hoists.
  • Trolley Hoists — Available with push, hand geared, or electric trolleys, our trolley hoists make it possible for you to maneuver easily on the most demanding lifting operations. Featuring contoured wheels that are suitable for different types of beams, our trolley hoists offer you smooth movement and require little maintenance because of their low-friction, sealed ball bearings.

Custom-Built Lifting Solutions for Your Needs

At JBS Cranes, we design and install custom-built lifting solutions for a wide range of industries. Setting new safety and efficiency standards for the industry, our custom hoists are available in almost any speed and capacity to meet your precise requirements. Tell us about your need, and we will engineer a custom hoist based on your application and environment.

Contact us at (724) 941-1433 to learn more about our custom hoists and lifting equipment.