Our commitment over the years to provide clients with efficient, safe, and cost-effective material handling solutions has allowed JBS Cranes to branch into many industries. Today, JBS Cranes holds in-depth expertise and experience of serving a wide range of industries with same levels of efficiency and quality.

JBS Cranes — Your Trusted Source of Industry-Specific Material Handling Solutions

Whether you’re operating a business in the construction industry or want our experts to furnish and install lifting equipment designed specifically for the petrochemical industry, JBS Cranes has the expertise, tools, and experience to handle all jobs with equal efficiency, regardless of their scope and complexity.

JBS Cranes has established a global reputation for solving material lifting problems of the following industries.


JBS Cranes offers a wide variety of cranes, hoists, and winches for the different needs of the power and energy sector. Whether you’re running   a traditional coal power plant, a wind farm, or a huge hydro power plant serve the needs of a mega city, JBS Cranes can make it easier for you to lift and move heavy generators, turbines and other machinery and materials with our impressive selection of lifting devices.


JBS Cranes has been serving the needs of the railroad and transportation industry for more than 30 years, and as the material handling needs of the industry has evolved, so as are expertise. Today, JBS Cranes has the resources and experience to build a lifting solution that perfectly complements your lifting need, no matter its scope and complexity.  Check out our short video link on the home page of a system that is unique in the world where we did a design build of an entire facility the provides for the seamless welding of 480’ long rails into 1920’ lengths and then loads them onto special handling cars for site-specific delivery.

Pulp and Paper

From mobile cranes to conveyor belts, JBS Cranes provides highly specialized lifting equipment to the pulp and paper industry, making the material handling processes more efficient and reducing the work cycle times. In addition to this, the cranes, hoists, and winches offered by us also help businesses earn a higher return on their investment with their energy-efficient operation.

Aluminum, Brass, and Copper

The metal industry requires an immense amount of heavy lifting and transporting of materials. At JBS Cranes, we take pride in our ability to understand the complex material handling needs of the metal industry and our ability provide businesses with solutions that not only make safe and efficient handling of materials possible, but also help businesses find new efficiencies that could have been overlooked previously.

Oil and Gas

In the competitive environment of the oil and gas industry, JBS Cranes can provide you the sustainable competitive advantage you’re seeking by providing you a lifting solution that will help your operations run safely and smoothly while serving all your machine and material handling and lifting needs with complete ease and efficiency.   JBS has extensive experience with explosion-proof applications and can guide you to the right equipment for your unique hazardous atmosphere classification.


When it comes to the material handling needs of the steel industry, there are unique challenges and safety hazards to be conquered. The continuous production demands of the industry exposes workers to the safety hazards posed by handling of molten steel in the harshest of environments. JBS Cranes offers a solution to this problem by providing you lifting equipment that not only improves the safety of your workplace, but also makes it more productive.   JBS has more than 50 years of immersioninto the steel industry and has put equipment in virtually every US facility that melts and makes steel and a vast majority of the downstream plants as well.

Other Industries

At JBS Cranes, we specialize in the design, manufacture, and installation of lifting solutions that are application-specific and built keeping the unique needs and requirements of the client under consideration. Therefore, if you’re looking for equipment to perfectly suit your specific lifting application, please do not hesitate discussing your needs with our experts.

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