Whether you are working on a big project or small project that involves use of overhead cranes or you operate in an industry that requires frequent overhead material handling, J.B.S. Cranes can provide you with a safe and effective solution for all your lifting applications. Under-running overhead cranes and top-running cranes both can be made suitable for low headroom lifting applications to custom cranes that have been designed to fulfill your precise lifting needs, we offer you a wide range of overhead crane systems to choose from. The overhead cranes provided by J.B.S. Cranes not only fulfill your expectations of efficiency and reliability, but more importantly, will help you ensure the safety of your workforce and improve your  plant productivity.

Reliable and High-Performance Overhead Crane Systems

Being a leading company specializing in overhead crane manufacturing and overhead crane systems, J.B.S. Cranes understands that the lifting needs of different industries vary greatly, and therefore, we provide a wide range of overhead cranes that have been designed and manufactured to offer you optimum efficiency and safety. In addition to this, for clients with unique lifting needs, J.B.S. Cranes also offers fully custom and one of a kind cranes solution to support your unique lifting needs.  JBS also can provide fully automated or semi automatic overhead crane systems to suit your most specific requirements.  

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Our Portfolio of Overhead Cranes

At J.B.S. Cranes, we can furnish you the following types of overhead cranes:

  • Gantry Cranes— Gantry Cranes (both full Gantry and Semi-Gantry cranes) are generally used for moving and lifting heavy equipment and materials, often outdoors. Available in a range of sizes and lifting capacities, these can also be used indoors for  lifting needs where there isn’t sufficient existing steel structure for overhead crane runways.
  • Hot Metal Cranes — Designed to offer utmost safety to the workforce, Hot Metal Cranes are used for handling molten materials under extremely high temperatures. Considering the critical nature of the job, these cranes can be designed and manufactured to either CMAA or AIST specifications..
  • Custom Cranes — Optimized to handle the precise handling needs of a business, custom cranes fitted with custom lifting devices are a longstanding hallmark of J.B.S. Cranes’ experience and expertise in overhead crane projects. Just like any other lifting equipment available at J.B.S. Cranes, these are manufactured to be extremely reliable and efficient and meet all customer and CMAA requirements.
  • Light Track Workstations — Manufactured to be cost efficient and super easy to operate and to install , these light duty  systems  can be ceiling mounted or freestanding, depending on the design of your workplace.
  • Jib Cranes— Serving a range of lifting applications from transferring materials from one place to another to suspension tools, Jib Cranes are a mainstay in any manufacturing operation
  • Automated Cranes And Hoist Systems —JBS has the capability to engineer and provide a fully automated overhead material handling system which can interface with other upstream or downstream automated operations.

Applications of Overhead Cranes

The overhead crane systems provided by J.B.S. Cranes can be used for a variety of material and equipment handling systems in a wide range of industries. Some of these include:

  • Assembling — Moving products and machinery through a production line
  • Shipping — Loading  finished products onto trailers and railcars
  • Storage — Moving materials  to and from storage areas
  • Warehousing — Transporting heavy products from docks to warehouse
  • Metals industry — Overhead cranes, jibs, and monorails are used extensively throughout the metals industry and JBS is a leading provider of cranes to this industry with the highest level of technical expertise available.
  • Construction Industry —Overhead bridge cranes and jib cranes are commonly used by contracts and builders in order to make the construction process safer and more efficient.
  • Oil And Gas Industry —With the recent boom in the Oil and Gas industry there are few providers who understand the distinctions between the NEC hazardous atmosphere classifications and when mechanical spark resistant features are required and when they are not.  Contact JBS Cranes for a clear and accurate discussion of the distinctions between Division I and Division II applications to ensure your workers’ safety within your budgetary limits.


Work with J.B.S. Cranes — The Overhead Crane Experts

Your decision to procure an overhead crane for a lifting application at your workplace not only influences the productivity of your workforce, but their safety as well. Therefore, we recommend you to work with a company that has a proven track record of providing lifting solutions for more than 50 years to a wide range of industries.  J.B.S. will easily guide you through the entire process to ensure you get a crane that is application specific and meets the highest safety standards and all current codes.   

Working since July of 1966, J.B.S. Cranes specializes in the manufacturing and installation of custom cranes and overhead crane systems and has been recognized as the industry expert because of its ability to provide high-quality, efficient, and safe lifting solutions to its clients every single time.  J.B.S. Cranes is also considered internationally as having one of the highest levels of diversified expertise in the Metals industry

To view our complete portfolio of overhead crane systems, you may contact us at (724) 941-1433.