Installation and Service

Designed to make lifting of heavy objects easier and more efficient, cranes, hoists, and winches are used in a large number of industries. These lifters that have been designed to take stress out of the lifting process can become potentially hazardous if not installed and maintained properly. Therefore, at J.B.S. Cranes, we provide expert crane, winch, and hoist installation services to our clients who are looking to make their operations more efficient, safe, and reliable by investing in  material handling equipment.


Planning for Safe Mobilization with Our Crane Installation Services

Working with any machinery can become dangerous if it’s not properly installed, and when it comes to cranes, hoists, or winches, the issue becomes even more troublesome because of the sheer size and weight of the machine with the downside risk being very high, so proper safety protocols are essential.

Poor installation of a crane, hoist, winch, or any other machinery can present a risk of injury to your workforce, as well as result in loss of productivity and profits. Therefore, it is recommended that you seek assistance from a reputable company with experience and expertise in crane installation.

Inadequate installation of lifting equipment can lead to the following hazardous events.

Structural Failure

Poor installation may cause failure of one of more components of a crane or hoist or support structure, such as the cranebridge, hoist limit switches, runway conductors or jib boom.

Machine Collapse

A crane, winch, or any other machine may collapse due to a number of reasons related to inexperienced installation.

Collision with Other Structures

Proper clearances are one of the major considerations during the process of crane or winch installation. Failure to maintain sufficient clearances may result in the collision of the machine with surrounding structures and lead to serious damage or injury.

Why Choose Our Crane, Winch, and Hoist Installation Services?

At J.B.S. Cranes, we have over 30 years of experience in the field of crane, hoist, and winch installation. Being a leading supplier of a wide range of lifting equipment, we have developed the expertise required to ensure safe and reliable installation of all our equipment. Our hoist, winch, and crane installations are carried out by experienced technicians who conduct a thorough risk assessment and develop an installation plan based on your working environment and site-specific work rules.

When you choose J.B.S. Cranes to install a crane or any lifting equipment at your facility, we strive to complete your project in a timely manner to ensure that your facility is up and running at optimal levels as quickly as possible.  We ensure 100% compliance with crane installation best practices and all safety regulation to protect your people and facilities.


We offer installation services for a wide range of cranes, hoists, and winches. To get an estimate for your crane installation project or to schedule an appointment, you may call us at (724) 941-1433.