Major Projects History

Custom Crane and Hoist Projects

When looking for a company to fulfill your material handling needs, it is important that you choose a firm that has a proven track record of working over a diverse portfolio of projects across different industries. This is important not only to ensure timely delivery of your project, but also to establish a safe work environment.

JBS Cranes is an industry-leading provider of superior-quality, high-performance lifting solutions that has been working for over 30 years. Our ability to provide reliable, quality, and safe material handling equipment, including cranes, hoists, winches, lifters, and crane accessories has earned us our place as a nationally recognized firm in the crane industry.

JBS Cranes — Equipping You with the Power and Mobility You Desire

Our expertise and experience of providing material handling solutions is demonstrated through our extensive portfolio that comprises of some of the most complex and efficient customized material handling and lifting solutions. This portfolio is also a testament to our commitment to providing our customers with material handling equipment that not only improve the efficiency of their processes, but also add significant value to their business.

The industries we serve at JBS Cranes range from construction and energy to oil and gas and power plants. To learn more about our expertise and experience, please take a look at the following projects we have completed for some of the renowned companies across the world.

Acme Steel Roll Handling Devices and Miscellaneous Jib Cranes
Algoma Miscellaneous Lifting Devices
Allegheny Energy 12,000# capacity Hydraulic Boom Crane with 40’ span, Miscellaneous Hoists and Jib Cranes
Allegheny Ludlum Multiple complete new DC Crane Control with Radio Control, Brake packages some with Motorized Lower Block, various Below the Hook Lifting Devices resulting in safer product handling and streamlining the workforce
AK Steel – Butler Misc. Below the Hook Lifters, Jib Cranes & Clam Shell Scrap Bucket
AK Steel – Butler 45 ton Class F AC crane and runway conductor system ($1.5M+)
AK Steel – Rockport Four Miscellaneous Service Cranes, Twelve Coil Grabs for Automated Cranes, Lifting Beams, Fully Automated Pup Coil Handling System, Work Roll & Back-up Roll Lifters ($1.3 M)
Bethlehem Steel 16 Drag Line Style Tongs for Wide Caster Project ($1.2 M)
Danieli Automate monorail system with magnet – CUL approved
Elwood group Plant wide removal and replacement of conductor bar system for DC cranes    Furnish and install misc. service cranes, new and repair below the hook lifters   Fall arrest jib crane ($1M+)
FMC All Miscellaneous Service Hoists for Springerville Power Plant
Gallatin Steel Roll Tongs and all Miscellaneous Service Cranes ($800 K)
GE Custom Designed 550,000# Capacity Turbine Lift Beam
Gerdau Ameristeel 2 Class E cranes, 2 ton maintenance crane and jib crane   Turnkey with installation, conductors and runway rail.   Installation of fall arrest systems for cranes and runways Removal of 65 ton DC crane ($450k+)
GPU Genco 10 Ton single girder crane running on a circular runway
Hadeed Steel (Saudi Arabia) Approximately 40 Miscellaneous Service Hoists
Huachipato Talcahuano (Chile) Slab Tongs and Miscellaneous Crane Accessories ($600 K)
Inmetco 45 ton hot metal ladle crane – furnished and installed
Ipsco-Alabama All productions and maintenance for Cranes & Hoists (except Ladle Cranes), Magnets & Various Lifting devices ranging from 1 to 250 ton capacity ($6.5 M)
LTV Caster Scale Pit Cranes, Jibs, Monorails ($1 M)
Nakornthai Steel Mill (Thailand) Miscellaneous Custom Roll Lifting Devices
National Steel (Double G, Triple G) All Miscellaneous Service & Production Hoists with Lifting Devices
North American Stainless Miscellaneous Service Cranes, Slab Tongs, Coil Upender
North Star Steel (Kingman, AZ–Mini Mill) All Miscellaneous Service Jibs & Hoists ($400 K)
Nucor – Arkansas Miscellaneous Below the Hook Lifting Devices
Nucor – Berkeley, SC (Mini Mill) C-Hooks, Double Roll Tongs, Scale Pit Crane, Sidewall Jib
Nucor – Cast Strip Miscellaneous Service Cranes, Lifting Devices & Reverse Engineering of existing Below the Hook Lifters
Nucor – Crawfordsville Miscellaneous Below the Hook Lifting Devices
Nucor – Hertford, SC Miscellaneous Cranes and Roll Handling, Patented flux vector controlled slab tongs
Nucor – Jewitt Miscellaneous Service Cranes, J-Hooks and Custom Below the Hook Lifting Devices
Nucor – Nebraska Material Transport Roller Conveyors, Transfer Table & Rotating Table, Clamshell Rebuilds & Miscellaneous Equipment ($5 M)
Nucor – Tuscaloosa Miscellaneous Below the Hook Lifting Devices
Nucor TN Design build of a rack and pinion style crane runway for an aerial transfer conveyor
PPG Bridge crane with clamshell bucket and magnet service
Protec I & II, Galvanizing Line All Coil Grabs and Rotators for Automatic & Manual Applications
Rouge Steel Rebuilding of 3 Cranes to include Reclassification, New Trolleys and New Controls ($1.1 M)
Salmon Bay Steel Two AISE 6 Scrap Yard Cranes with Magnets ($1.5 M)
Severstal NA 4 misc casthouse and service cranes
Steel Dynamics, Inc. Miscellaneous Lifting Devices & Roll Lifters Custom automated rail handling system for handling railroad rails, 5 at a time x 320’ long using a system comprised of 7 hoists with magnets and beams  – see robot video link on home page. This system is unique in this hemisphere.
Siemens 200 ton crane and miscellaneous hoists for Longview power project
Stelco 100 Ton Capacity Dragline Tongs & Fully Automated Hydraulic Slab Tong
Thyssen Krupp Stainless Cranes Miscellaneous Floor and Wall Traveling Jib – $1M
Thyssen Krupp Stainless Cranes Custom Elevator for Servicing Exhaust Stacks (See Elevator Link on Home Page)
Thyssen Krupp Stainless Cranes Fully Automated Scale Pit Bucket Crane
Thyssen Krupp Carbon Automatic Slab Handling Tongs
Timet – Toronto Misc service cranes and jibs
Timet – Morgantown 5 complete turnkey crane systems including cranes, conductor systems, crane rail, and installation.  Also included design build of two complete free-standing crane runway systems
Timken Custom Below the Hook Lifting Devices ~ new & rebuilt
UPRR Seamless Rail Welding Facility JBS was given a building ready pad and did a design build of the entire facility including buildings, structures, cranes, automation, magnets and controls ($12.5M)
USS Clairton Bridge cranes, winches, and car pullers
USS ET – Caster Slab Tongs and Miscellaneous Jibs and Monorails ($1M+) Design/build slip ring removal system for caster
USS Europe Polar crane
USS Gary 360 ton ladle beam with J-hooks, 35 ton DC trolley hoists
USS Gary – Caster All Miscellaneous Service Cranes, Hoists, Jibs and Winches
USS Granite City Misc. service hoists and lifters
USS Irvin plant Miscellaneous new and repair of below the hook lifters, misc service cranes, monorails and jib cranes
USS Posco Design build splash door and winch system for mill
USS Research Jibs and service hoists
Warren Consolidated Caster Slab Tongs and All Miscellaneous Service Cranes, Hoists, Jibs & Winches($600k)
Weirton / Arcelor Mittal Heavy overhead cranes, jib cranes, service hoists, and all types of below the hook lifters. 45 year history
Wheelabrator/Siemens Miscellaneous service hoists with festoon systems for various projects ($300k)
Wheeling Pittsburgh Heavy overhead cranes, jib cranes, service hoists, and motorized hook blocks