Crane Accessories

JBS Cranes is a quality-conscious, client-focused company that offers its high-performance, cost-effective solutions for efficient material handling to its customers. From design and installation to seamless interface with your cranes and hoists to simplicity of maintenance and inspection, we ensure excellent quality right down to the smallest component.

In order to deliver on our promise of superior quality, we offer a wide range of overhead crane accessories and components to help our clients make optimal use of their lifting equipment. Whether you want to install a below the hook lifting device to make material handling easier and efficient or a complete crane and lifter system for manual operation or fully automated, you will be able to find the required overhead crane component for at a competitive price at JBS Cranes.

Our Comprehensive Range of Crane Components and Accessories

At JBS Cranes, we maintain an extensive inventory of overhead crane accessories to make it easier for our clients to find any crane component they need easily. From different kinds of below the hook lifting devices and hoists to beam clamps, crane scale, and crane travelling wheels, we offer a wide range of overhead crane components that work equally well with jib, gantry, and bridge cranes.

We stock the following crane components and accessories at JBS Cranes:

  • Anti-collision and laser positioning systems
  • All electrical components
  • All types of below the hook lifters
  • Brakes
  • Cab enclosures
  • Conductor bars
  • Crane scale
  • Crane wheels
  • Festoon systems
  • Below the hook lifting devices
  • Freight elevators
  • Ladles
  • Lift tables
  • Lifting and spreader beams
  • Magnets
  • Push button stations
  • Radio remote controls
  • Cable Reels
  • Motorized Rotating hooks
  • Scales

Improved Efficiency, High Precision with JBS Cranes’ Accessories and Overhead Crane Components

At JBS Cranes, we provide lifting solutions to clients with specialized lifting needs; however, if design and build of a customized lifting device doesn’t fit, we can provide an accessory from an extensive catalog of pre-engineered accessories. From our wide selection of overhead crane accessories, you can find the one that allows you to get improved results with your existing lifting equipment.

Whether you want to install a radio control for additional safety and control of your equipment or you want to make lifting easier and more efficient through the use of a below the hook lifting device, you will be able to find the accessories you need to ensure optimum performance of your lifting equipment.

If you would like JBS Cranes to help you improve the efficiency and safety of your lifting operations by helping you select the right overhead crane accessories, you may contact us at (724) 941-1433.